BTISnet Training Programme on :

Fundamentals of Bioinformatics in Genomic & Proteomic Research

26th – 29th November, 2019

Organized by - Bioinformatics Infrastructure Facility, College of Veterinary Science, AAU, Khanapara, Guwahati, 781022, Assam, India.

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About The Training

The most fundamental research to understand complete mechanism of living system is the biological research. With the advent of digital technologies and the use of knowledge accumulated in public databases such as NCBI, PubMed and other databases, in recent decades, bioinformatics methods make it possible to systematically dissect large scale of biological data in an attempt to assemble a summary of the most enriched result in current biology. This enables to provide a huge contribution to biological research. Bioinformatics is nowadays playing a key role to develop skills for analyzing biological data. Although the preliminary aim of bioinformatics was just to handle data in biological research, but with increasing popularity and involvement of tool development to analyze data in a lesser time to complete research in fast and efficient manner, bioinformatics has acquire a bigger place than it was expected to.

The current training programme is designed especially for the biologists so as to acquaint them with fundamentals of bioinformatics and its application. The topics include:

  1. Sequence editing from sequencing results.
  2. Sequence Retrieval from Biological Databases.
  3. Introduction to BLAST.
  4. Sequence Analysis.
  5. Sequence Alignment Methods: ClustalW.
  6. Phylogenetic Analysis, Bootstrapping Methods using Phylip, MEGA, etc.
  7. Primer designing and in-silico PCR.
  8. PDB, Molecular Visualization, Protein Structure Prediction.
  9. ExPAsy Web Servers’ resources.
  10. Hands-on practices on Protein Structure Prediction Methods, Comparative/Homology Modeling.

N.B. More emphasis will be given on hands-on sessions with an aim to develop practical skills on basic bioinformatics tools and techniques.

A total of 20 participants will be selected for the training on first come first served basis. Teachers, scientists and research scholars may apply for participation in the prescribed format on or before 18th November, 2019.

Accommodation may be provided to a limited number of participants in the university guesthouse subject to availability.

Fundamentals of Bioinformatics in Genomic & Proteomic Research

  • Date : 26 – 29 November, 2019

  • Last date of Registration : 18 November, 2019


Postgraduate students, teachers and researchers with basic knowledge of biology and computer applications can apply for the training. Basic knowledge of computer application is strongly recommended because it may be a prerequisite for catching up with the application of bioinformatics tools.

Links for downloading the Nomination Forms are given below against the titles of training programme. The downloaded copies of the Nomination Forms for the training programme have to be duly filled in by the applicants, and sealed and signed by the nominating authority. The Nomination Form without institutional seal will be treated as incomplete and shall be rejected. The completed Nomination Form has to be sent to the Contact Address by post or by courier, or via email as attachment of scanned copy on or before 18th November, 2019.

Selection will be on first-cum-first serve basis. Selected candidates for the training will be informed accordingly by email.

Registration fee of Rs. 1000.00 (without accommodation) or Rs. 3000.00 (with accommodation) may be paid at the time of registration on the first day of the training programme.

Nomination Forms

Fundamentals of Bioinformatics in Genomic & Proteomic Research


Dr. Saurov Mahanta

Senior Technical Officer,

National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology
Guwahati, Assam.


Dr. Probodh Borah

Professor & Head i/c

Dept. of Animal Biotechnology ,
College of Veterinary Science,
Assam Agricultural University,
Khanapara, Guwahati - 22.


Research Associate

Bioinformatics Infrastructure Facility,
College of Veterinary Science,
Assam Agricultural University,
Khanapara, Guwahati - 22.

For any queries, please feel free to call Mr. Nabajyoti Goswami at +91-9706666436.