Welcome to College of Veterinary Science

The College of Veterinary Science was established in year 1948 at Nagaon as the erstwhile Assam Veterinary College. The Assam Veterinary College offered 3-year diploma course leading to Graduate in Veterinary Science (G.V.Sc). The number of students admitted in the first batch was 33. Soon after independence, with just 33 students admitted in the first batch of the three years Diploma course (G.V.Sc), the college poised for a long march to grow as a premier institute. The increased realization of the importance of the veterinary profession coupled with the man power need to handle the veterinary and animal husbandry activities of the region was the driving force in the growth and development of this institution that was to follow in the coming decades. Since then the institute has grown leaps and bound in the past.The College became a constituent college of Assam Agricultural University in 1969. The college under the Assam Agricultural University introduced Trimester System of education and started Postgraduate courses in five disciplines. Intake capacity to B.V.Sc. & A.H. course was also raised from 65 to 90. In 1977, Semester System of education replaced the Trimester System and in the year 1982, the intake capacity to B.V.Sc. & A.H. course was again increased to 130 from 90, and subsequently to 150 in 1985.